Keptin-Jr Blankiez: Label Square Pink (20cm x 20cm)


  • Is your baby a label-lover too? Blankiez range of cuddles is specially designed for the most avid label-lovers with not one, not two, but many labels of various textures for your little ones to hold, twiddle, chew and suck on. The Blankiez Label Square features a nice plush towel that can soak up lots of drool, most handy for those teething times.

    •   Recommended Age: 0M onwards
    •   100% Organic Cotton (Except Band: 100% Cotton)
    •   Made in Europe

  • Care Instructions: High Care Programme 30°C (86°F)
    (Tip: Handwash with baby bottle and accessories cleanser if used as a teething companion)

  • Keptin-Jr's collection consists of comfort products for different children, from those prematurely born to toddlers, each with their own wishes and needs. A range of comfort products but sharing one common goal: contributing to a feeling of safety, allowing children to relax and develop further.