About Us

Bonjour! I am Melissa, and people call me Mama Mel.

I grew up in France where Mustela is the leading brand for baby skincare. My maman used to say it’s a tradition to use Mustela, as my mamie used them on my maman and I’m now using them on my bébé.


Mustela is the #1 baby skincare sold in pharmacies in Europe* and not only do all products meet the requirements of babies, they also have a range that meets those of expectant mothers.

Fun fact: Over 52.4 million units were sold in 2019 - which means 100 units per minute are sold worldwide!

What else is important for my bébé? Aside from good skin, good sleep is also essential, and I put my trust in BabySafe. BabySafe is the first in Singapore to advocate and educate parents on the benefits of Natural Latex sleeping products for babies.


I started my bébé with BabySafe Latex Newborn Pillow as I’m concerned about flat-head syndrome. Though babies are recommended to sleep on their back, prolonged back sleeping may result in a flat head.

Sleeping in Singapore’s hot and humid weather makes my bébé rather uncomfortable. The pillow allows his head to be slightly raised so there is some ventilation at the neck, and my bébé can enjoy more support and comfort! He also sleeps on Babysafe Natural Latex Mattress, which is cooling and resilient.

Do you know that Babysafe has a collection of pillows that grows with your child?
See the collection now: BabySafe Natural Latex Pillows

I’ll love to chat with you more because Mama Mel is here to help. Drop me an email at ouimama@dynaresources.com. Au Revoir!

*with the Mustela Bébé-Enfant range, in volume and value, in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
Source: IQVIA - Pharmatrend Database - MAT September 2018.