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    • Mother: Stephanie Lim
      Son: Garrick Foo

      “The dimple on the BabySafe Newborn Pillow is a soft cushion for Garrick’s head. He has many good nights sleeping on it!”

      Mother: Sherry Ng
      Daughter: Tassia Seow

      “The BabySafe Newborn Pillow is comfortable and not warm even after Tassia has been lying on it for a while. It is washable, which is a huge plus point especially when Tassia pukes.”

      Mother: Audrey Tiow
      Daughter: Joie Tan Le En

      “It is my first time using such a dimple pillow and I am impressed with the effectiveness. The BabySafe Newborn Pillow helps to keep Joie’s head in shape. Now my baby will thank me and BabySafe in the future for her nice round head!"

      Mother: Ong Siew Hui
      Daughter: Sarah Foo

      “The BabySafe Newborn Pillow is good to prevent flat head syndrome as my baby’s head can rest nicely into the hole of the pillow. The pillow cover is soft and the material is comfortable for Sarah.”

      Mother: Klara Chungdriyanti
      Daughter: Irene Choo

      “The BabySafe Newborn Pillow is super comfy - our little one sleeps well on it. We like the breathable pillow case, because Irene sweats less, even when we don’t use the air con. This helps to minimize rashes at the back of her neck.”

      Mother: Cindy Goh
      Daughter: Charlotte Chin

      “The BabySafe Newborn Pillow really keeps Charlotte’s head shape nice and round! Very comfortable & cooling.”

    • Mother: Joyce Low Li May
      Son: Elmers Fan

      “Wonderful pillow for a newborn baby! The latex material is very good and comfortable to lie on. A highly recommended product that you should get for your little one.”

      Mother: Rinn Tan
      Son: Weymann Wong

      “The BabySafe Newborn Pillow is soft and comfortable with good support for the head and neck. The right side of my baby’s head was a bit flat. But 3 weeks after using the pillow, his head is rounding out on that side. Thank you BabySafe!”

      Mother Evelyn Khin
      Son: Skyler Hein

      “My baby’s head was elongated and slightly flat at birth. That’s when I decided to try out BabySafe Newborn Pillow and it did not take long for Baby Skyler to have a rounder hea d as the cavity in the centre has the right size and depth to distribute the head’s pressure on the pillow evenly. With consistent usage, Skyler’s head is getting rounder and cuter day after day. We totally love the outcome and have recommended BabySafe to other parents and parents-to-be! ”

  • Mother: Marianne Kwa
    Son: Bradley

    “The BabySafe Bambeanie Pillow is quite an all-rounder. It not only provides security during sleep, it can also be used as an ad-hoc pillow and also as a positioner wedged between the bed and baby’s body, helping baby stay on his sides to aid in strengthening the neck muscles."

    Mother: Joan Chien
    Daughter: Natalie Low

    “The BabySafe Bambeanie Pillow is a good length for my baby, as it helps to provide her with the security she needs. It is easy to wash and maintain. I do not have to worry about the pellets inside of the Bambeanie spoiling, as they are made from latex. My baby loves sleeping with it and I feel that it helps her sleep even better.”

  • Mother: Joyce Low Li May
    Son: Elmers Fan

    “The BabySafe waterproof mattress protector is very good! Absolutely a must-have item for your baby cot. It protects your cot mattress from any unforeseen situations when handling your newborn, such as spilled milk, or urination when you are changing your little one. I personally recommend that you should get the fitted version for a snug fit!”

    Mother: May Lee
    Daughter: Megan Yap

    “The BabySafe waterproof mattress protector is really soft and made of breathable material. My newborn Megan has sensitive skin, and she sleeps very well on it. The protector works very well as a top sheet for us. Plus, it washes and dries easily. No shrinkage after washing!”

    Mother: Vivian Teo
    Daughter: Annya Lim

    “The BabySafe waterproof mattress protector is so comfortable! Definitely ok for baby to sleep directly on it.”

    Mother: Rinn Tan
    Son: Weymann Wong

    “The BabySafe waterproof mattress protector is soft & delicate enough for Weymann. He sweats a lot, but this material keeps him cool & comfortable.”

  • Mother: Jasmine Kang
    Daughter: Jamie Kuah

    “The BabySafe ring sling is a lifesaver when a baby is fussy! Just sling and go 😊 It is very easy to use and the material is very manageable.”

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