Keptin-Jr Cozy & Zmooz: Baby Zmooz Salmon (16cm)


  • The result of extensive research, baby Zmooz offers comfort, security and just the right level of stimulation to little bubs who have just left the warm confines of their mommies’ wombs. Baby Zmooz sports a soft pastel colour cap on its natural colour body, providing babies with just-enough visual stimulation without overwhelming their delicate senses. The gentle facial features draw recognition even at this early stage and help to kickstart emotional bonding in the babies while allowing them to reflect their own state of mind and mood on their new-found best friend. Made of extremely plush and soft velvet fabric and stuffed with pure wool, baby Zmooz is both safe and durable, making it the best cuddle buddy in every situation.

    •   Recommended Age: 0M onwards
    •   Fabric: 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester
    • Stuffing: Pure Wool
    • Size: 16cm x 20cm x 4cm (excluding cap)
    •   Made in Europe

  • Care Instructions: High Care Programme 30°C (86°F)
    (Tip: Handwash with baby bottle and accessories cleanser if used as a teething companion)

  • Keptin-Jr's collection consists of comfort products for different children, from those prematurely born to toddlers, each with their own wishes and needs. A range of comfort products but sharing one common goal: contributing to a feeling of safety, allowing children to relax and develop further.