BabySafe Latex Mattress - Cot (4 available sizes)


All mattresses come with removable and washable zipper cover made from 100% jacquard for utmost hygiene and comfort. Design of zipper cover may differ from pictures shown. 

  • Firm, high density, breathable latex foam for excellent support and safety.

    Available sizes:
    • 24" x 48" x 3" (61cm x 122cm x 7.5cm)
    • 28" x 48" x 3" (71cm x 122cm x 7.5cm)
    • 28" x 52" x 3" (71cm x 132cm x 7.5cm)
    • 28" x 56" x 3" (71cm x 142cm x 7.5cm)

    Standard Single Size - please email us for details.
    36" x 75" x 5" (91cm x 190cm x 12.5cm)

  • • Hand wash with mild detergent is highly recommended. If machine wash, use a laundry net
    • Rinse well in cold water
    • Press or roll latex foam carefully between two highly absorbent materials to squeeze out water
    • Do not wring or tumble
    • Dry under fan/warm air
    • Being made from a natural material, latex products tend to have imperfections such as uneven hole size, small tears, discolorations, and rough cut surfaces at the sides. Rest assured the quality of the natural latex used is the same, and the effects of the latex (such as its firm, resilient and cooling sleep surface) are not impaired. Due to this nature of latex, it would also be optimal to handle gently with care when removing the inner case.

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